Submissions are open until September 1st, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Type and Length: The project must be a length feature fiction, animation, or documentary film currently in shooting or post-production.
  • European Production or Co-production: At least one European production company muss be attached to the project.

Submissions Requirements:

  • Preview Link: Provide a link to some scenes from the film.
  • Content: Submit scenes from the shooting material; teasers are not accepted.
  • Material Length: Submit 10 minutes of material, though 20 to 30 minutes of excerpts are preferred. A complete rough cut can also be sent.
  • Subtitles: All submitted material must have English subtitles.

Fields marked with * in the submission form are mandatory.

    1. General Information

    Has your project been presented at other WiPs?

    The project has been developed within a TorinoFilmLab programme.

    2. Technical details

    3. Credits

    4. Cast & Synopsis

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