The jury awarded the prizes with a total value of 52,500 € 

After two days, the networking platform European Work in Progress Cologne (EWIP) is approaching its climax with a record attendance of over 200 participants from the fields world sales, distribution, festivals, production, funding and marketing. The independent jury comprised of renowned industry representatives – former Arte editor and director Alexander Bohr (Mainz), Clémence Lavigne, co-head of sales and acquisitions for The Party Film Sales (Paris), Daniel Melamed, CEO and film distributor, New Cinema (Tel Aviv), Aranka Matits, founder of the Featurette agency (Amsterdam) and Fabian Massah, film producer and managing director of Endorphine Production (Berlin) – made its decision among the 24 international projects presented, and awarded prizes worth a total of €52,500. 

This year’s award sponsors are K13 Studios, MMC Studios Cologne, LAVAlabs Moving Images, ARRI Media and ZOOM Medienfabrik

EWIP is mainly supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, one of Europe’s leading film funding institutions. The industry event takes place in cooperation with Film Festival Cologne and AG Verleih, the association of German independent film distributors. 

This year’s venue, the Cinenova, once again served as the perfect place for the pitches and meetings, panel discussions and case studies in collaboration with Creative Europe Desk NRW as well as Creative Europe Desks Germany, and presentations by European Film Promotion and German Films.

A careful and comprehensive hygiene concept will again ensure the safety of all participants and allow the participation on site. The event is regulated by the current hygiene regulations of the country (3-G rule). 

Winners & Jury Statements 

European Work in Progress K13 Studios Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 10.000 for soundmixing 

AGITPROP, Sutor Kolonko and Chaconna Films

Representatives of the project: Martichka Bozhilova (Producer, AGITPROP), Ilian Metev (Director/Writer/Producer, Chaconna Films), Zlatina Teneva (Writer), Ingmar Trost (Producer, Sutor Kolonko) 

The observational documentary follows the everyday life of Dr. Popov and his colleagues at a Covid ward in a provincial hospital in Bulgaria. As they fight for each patient’s survival, in the most unexpected of moments, light and humour shines through. 

Jury Statement: Sometimes a small location can open up whole universe. In this case the filmmakers follow a man who is trying to save lives in the middle of a crisis. With a precise and sharp camera work they lead us through the universe of our „condition humaine“, to the frontier between life and death without losing a good humour. 

European Work in Progress LAVAlabs Moving Images Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 10.000 for visual effects 

MEMENTO MORI, Colombia/Germany
Fidelio Films in co-production with 42 Film

Representative of the project: Eike Goreczka (Co-Producer, 42 Film) 

The body of a beheaded man is buried as an NN in Puerto Berrio. The dismembered corpse generates fear in the people around. During the funeral, a mysterious man writes the word “chosen”: it is a pact that will take him to hell to find the head and thus restore dignity to the corpse 

Jury Statement: We are glad to give this award to a debut feature that announces a new voice with a distinguished eye for detail, and the ability to create an immersive visual experience and also authentic character studies. 

European Work in Progress MMC Studios Cologne Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 10.000 for stage and room rental services 

Cinéma Defacto in co-production with Match Factory Productions and Wood Producciones

Representatives of the project: Tom Dercourt (Producer, Cinéma Defacto), Michael Weber (Co-Producer, Match Factory Productions) 

Cecilia and her children travel to her aging father’s dairy farm after he nearly dies of a heart attack. Back in her childhood home, the past comes to life, and Cecilia must reckon with the pain of her mother’s suicide and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her family’s land. 

Jury Statement: We would like to award a debut feature film that invited us to wonder and dive into a poetic, mysterious world that we are keen to see – and especially hear – more of. 

European Work in Progress MMC Studios Cologne Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 5.000 for stage and room rental services 

Reynard Films

Representative of the project: Katharina Weser (Producer, Reynard Films) 

A country that hits one disaster after another. A film crew that surmounts the insurmountable to shoot their vision of Lebanon’s future. A portrait of the Beirut society in the aftermath of the August 4th 2020 port explosion, struggling to rebuild, resist, and ultimately find life again 

Jury Statement: It’s a film we feel urgently necessary at a time when art and culture have been pushed away from our horizons for months and months. By sharing such an inspirational fight for filmmaking, and beyond that, for life in Lebanon, the film tells us a universal story of how to keep dancing together even on the ruins. 

European Work in Progress K13 Studios Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 5.000 for dubbing 

THREE BROTHERS, Argentina/Chile/Germany/France 
Ecstasy Cine, Rio Azul Films and Pelicano Cine in co-production with Pequén Producciones, 2 Pilots and Indie Prod

Representatives of the project: Paula Orlando (Producer, Ecstasy Cine), Harry Flöter (Co-Producer, 2 Pilots) 

Three brothers, hunters and heavy metal fans, struggle with their issues in the dense Argentinian Patagonia. Meanwhile, the neighboring river threatens their farm with flooding that can ruin their harvest. 

Jury Statement: Thanks to the radiant power of the images and also its very contemporary depiction of the emotional conflicts created by society and its concepts of masculinity, we believe “Three Brothers” could become a film that stays with us – both physically and emotionally. 

European Work in Progress ARRI Media Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 5.000 for colour grading services 

PIGGY Spain/France 
Morena Films in co-production with Backup Studio

Representative of the project: Carlota Pereda (Director & Writer) 

For Sara, summer just means dealing with constant teasing from other girls in her small town. But it all comes to an end when a stranger comes to town and kidnaps her bullies. 

Jury Statement: The award goes to a project that convinced us with a delightful and powerful pitch. A story around the question what you might do when society brutally casts you out, told in a provocative and empathetic way, promising a full-blown, physical experience on the big screen. 

European Work in Progress ZOOM Medienfabrik Award 2021 
endowed with a voucher worth € 7.500 for international festival public relations 

NINA, Russia/Georgian 
Pan-Atlantic Studio in co-production with 20 Steps Productions

Representative of the project: Katia Filippova (Producer, Pan-Atlantic Studio) 

You believe sometimes you’ve beaten your past, but it comes back to you for revenge. 

Jury Statement: The filmmaker shared with us stunning and assured images that introduced us to a powerfully acted, complex relationship that drew us in and left us curious to discover more. 

Petra Müller, CEO Film- und Medienstiftung NRW: „The fourth edition of European Work in Progress Cologne has finally become a meeting place for national and international arthouse. Anyone who wants to have an insight into the most interesting film projects of tomorrow has to be here! Thanks to all who made this possible. And congratulations to the winners! It’s especially nice that three of the winners are co-produced by Cologne producers! We are looking forward to them and especially to their finished projects! 

Torsten Frehse, CEO EWIP and Member of the Board AG Verleih: „2021 was the most successful edition of European Work in Progress so far. I was very pleased to welcome so many well-known partners and friends from the industry in Cologne. A strong year. I was very moved by the many positive reactions of the participants. I am already looking forward to the fifth edition in 2022.” 

We remain at your disposal for all your enquiries. Please feel free to contact the team or the press agency.